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Posted by zeroflame on June 14, 2012

ZeroFlame is an affiliated Variety Streamer, content creator, developer, and all around entertaining guy. I might be biased though…

My name is Josh and I go by ZeroFlame on the wild world of the interwebs! Crazy to think that I’ve had this name since 2001 now! I’ve been gaming since I was 7 and got into programming while I was in High School. I ended up going to college to get my degree in Computer Information Systems and have been grateful enough to love my job! I also stream on Twitch, and I like to play all kinds of games. I love to interact with the community as they are what makes Twitch the place that it is. Not only do I stream, but I also mod for a couple of channels around Twitch as well, so keep an eye out for me! One of these days I’d like to force WordPress to pull in my list of Subscribers and people that I subscribe to so I can show them off out here. I’ve got ideas, maybe I’ll eventually get to them one day! Another idea that I’m working on is building Twitch Auth into WordPress to enable other streamers to build easy to use portals for their subs.

If this code worked, it would show you my active Twitch stream / hosted channel, but WordPress didn’t implement things correctly so now I have to fix it.

[twitchtv url=””]


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